Nutritionist tips to get that six pack showing

Use these simple dietary shifts from nutritionist Laura Street to reveal your well-earned six-pack.

Drink more water

‘If you’re still knocking back soft drinks you’re undoing all your hard work,’ says Street. ‘Stick to water, which has zero calories and helps with recovery, energy and metabolism.’ Aim for a minimum of two litres a day.

Ditch beer, drink vodka

‘Beer generates excess oestrogen, which can result in weight gain. A good alternative is to drink clear spirits such as vodka in moderation. And if you drink, don’t do it every day.’

Eat more protein

‘Protein provides satiety, which means you’ll be satisfied for longer and less likely to snack. Evidence suggests that eating protein at breakfast leads to decreased food consumption throughout the day. Include fish, meat, eggs, lentils or beans in every meal or snack.’

Eat good fats

‘Trans fats are found in processed foods such as biscuits and are responsible for the build-up of visceral fat around the abdomen. Replace them with “good” fats. The monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in avocadoes, nuts, olives and seeds are all good fats, while mackerel is the king of the sea in terms of omega 3 content.’

Earn your carbs

‘If you’re training hard you can afford to moderately increase your carbohydrate intake. If you’re not training, taper your carbs accordingly. And avoid refined carbs such as bread, which can give you sugar cravings and derail weight loss.’

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