Easy Steps How to find out if She is Single

If you make a move on a girl and later find out she’s taken, it can become extremely awkward. Here are some possible ways to find out if the girl you like is single or not.

  1. Just ask around. The best way to find out is asking someone if they know the girl in question’s status. Try to avoid asking one of the girl’s friends, as they may report back your interest.

  2. Check online. Lots of people post their relationship statuses now on social networks like Facebook and MySpace. Become friends with the girl and see what her relationship status is.

  3. Observe her in everyday places. Note if the girl is talking to a guy everyday or a lot of the time. Note how they react with each other. If it seems cuddly, most likely the two are an item.

  4. Ask her! Most girls like confidence like this. Slip it into a conversation piece, though. For example: “What did you do with your boyfriend over the weekend?” If she says she doesn’t have one, then bingo!

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