10 Signs He’s 100% Not “The One”

1) He won’t come to your place.

2) He can’t seem to remember things you’ve mentioned multiple times, like a big assignment at work, how much you want to see a certain movie, and that you don’t eat meat.

3) You get a gut feeling in your stomach that tells you he isn’t.

4) He doesn’t seem to care or know what to do when you tell him your feelings are hurt. If you’re crying, he tells you to stop or doesn’t even acknowledge that you’re crying.

5) You get great news and he isn’t the first — or even second or third — person you think to call.

6) He’s hung up on his ex.

7) You need to refill your Xanax prescription before spending seven days in a row together on vacation.

8) He’s always “too busy” to make plans with you, working, playing Scrabble on his iPhone, watching sports with his buddies. There’s always something.

9) He doesn’t seem that interested in meeting your friends. You have no interest in introducing him.

10) You often find yourself making excuses for him. “Oh, he’s just being rude to you because he didn’t get 10 hours of sleep last night …”

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