How to Get Fit While Watching TV

his week, Australian researchers reported that watching an hour of TV after the age of 25 can shorten the viewer’s life by about 22 minutes. And for the past decade, multiple studies have been discovering direct correlations between hours of TV viewing and obesity. But I have to confess that despite these studies, I watch TV almost every day (and I’m particularly fond of any cooking shows or reality TV shows that involve talent competitions). So in this article, you’ll learn 3 exercise routines that you can do while watching television!

Here are 2 workout routines to get you fit while watching TV:

#1 TV Show Exercise Session

Most TV shows, especially typical sitcoms or dramas, have anywhere from 3 to 5 primary characters. Begin by choosing an exercise for each of those major characters. When you choose an exercise, remember to choose activities which you can do while facing the TV, since your TV workout will become annoying if you’re twisting, turning and missing the action onscreen.

Let’s choose an abdominal workout for this example. So Character 1 would represent a plank, Character 2 a side plank, Character 3 a bridge, Character 4 a bicycle crunch, and Character 5 an elastic band twist. Each time a character appears, you perform 10-15 repetitions of that exercise. It’s like a drinking game, but without the hangover!

You could easily do this with a leg workout as well. For example, use squats, reverse lunges, side lunges, forward lunges, and calf raises, and similar to the ab routine, every time a character associated with an exercise appears, you perform that exercise. During the commercials, you can perform cardio intervals, such as jumping jacks, step-ups, jogging in place, or an exercise that doesn’t require you to face the TV, like squat-thrust-jumps. Finally, use the opening and closing credits for stretching.

Of course, you could also simply do a cardio session during the TV show. For an example, see my Glee Indoor Cycling Workout.

#2 Sporting Event Exercise Session

Sporting events, which usually include changes of possession, are quite conducive to cardiovascular exercise. For example, let’s say that Team A is competing against Team B. Set-up a treadmill, bicycle trainer, or elliptical in front of the TV and get ready for action.

Anytime Team A has the ball, the puck, or any other kind of possession, you do an intense interval, such as pedaling faster, increasing the treadmill speed, or increasing the elliptical strides per minute. Whenever Team B has possession, you decrease to an easy, aerobic, recovery pace. When the commercials appear, you can do a tempo effort, which is a moderate pace at a medium intensity. Alternatively, you could do intervals during the commercials, so that every time a commercial break begins, you increase the resistance or incline for the first commercial, decrease for the second commercial, increase for the third, and so on.

By Ben Greenfield

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