Girls Who Lift | The Top 6 Myths About Women and Weights

Female weightlifters have began to soar in the fitness industry following the realisation that hitting the iron can actually support goals of sculpting a desirable physique. It’s understandable that entering the weights section for the first time can be a little daunting, but ladies, there’s really nothing to be frightened of!

However, common myths still seem to be circulating about why women should not lift – and myths are all that they are! Lets de-bunk a few of these myths…

Myth #1: Cardio is the only key to fat loss

Myth #2: Women who lift become bulky

Myth #3: Eating less is better

Myth #4: One plan fits all

Myth #5: The scales log your progress

Myth #6: You can spot reduce body fat


These are some of the most common myths can circulate in the weights room about the effect of strength training on women, thankfully these are not correct and in fact it tends to have the opposite effect in most cases.

Weight training has benefits such as injury prevention, improved bone density and fat loss alongside numerous other health benefits so it is well worth while to cut down on the treadmill time and pick up those dumbbells!

By Sarah Curran

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