Amazing Six-pack building core exercises

Having a strong core means more than just a six-pack. Balance out your midsection with these key moves

Best for internal obliques: Pallof press

Named after the renowned US physio John Pallof, who helped baseball players with back injuries, this move is an ‘anti-rotation’ exercise. Stand side-on to a cable machine with your feet shoulder-width apart, chest out and shoulders back, and hold the cable with both hands in front of your chest. Press out so that you feel the weight pull you to the side, then pull back in.

Best for external obliques: bodysaw

Assume the plank position with your feet on a small towel. Keeping tension throughout your body, push yourself backwards using your forearms. Pull yourself forward again and continue in a ‘sawing’ motion.

Best for the erector spinae: kneeling cable lift

This is an advanced version of the cable chop. To do it, kneel on one knee – the knee furthest from your cable station should be raised. Hold the cable in both hands and ‘chop’ it upwards across your chest. Pause, lower and repeat.

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