Quick Fat Burn | 10-Minute Treadmill HIIT Workout

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Abs Not Showing? | Top 6 Tips On How To Lose Belly Fat

A great set of abs really reflects serious dedication and hard work – not to mention how great they look. If you haven’t seen them pop out yet, it doesn’t mean you’re not working hard enough!

Many work tirelessly to shred their belly fat… patiently waiting for them to make an appearance.

However, just making a few simple changes and remaining consistent can prove to be incredibly effective in helping you shed away some of the unwanted fat and allow you to finally welcome your abs into the world! Continue reading “Abs Not Showing? | Top 6 Tips On How To Lose Belly Fat”

Girls Who Lift | The Top 6 Myths About Women and Weights

Female weightlifters have began to soar in the fitness industry following the realisation that hitting the iron can actually support goals of sculpting a desirable physique. It’s understandable that entering the weights section for the first time can be a little daunting, but ladies, there’s really nothing to be frightened of!

However, common myths still seem to be circulating about why women should not lift – and myths are all that they are! Lets de-bunk a few of these myths… Continue reading “Girls Who Lift | The Top 6 Myths About Women and Weights”

How to Get Fit While Watching TV

his week, Australian researchers reported that watching an hour of TV after the age of 25 can shorten the viewer’s life by about 22 minutes. And for the past decade, multiple studies have been discovering direct correlations between hours of TV viewing and obesity. But I have to confess that despite these studies, I watch TV almost every day (and I’m particularly fond of any cooking shows or reality TV shows that involve talent competitions). So in this article, you’ll learn 3 exercise routines that you can do while watching television!

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How To Unlock The Hidden Ab Muscle That Will Get You a Six-Pack

Not only do crunches burn a miniscule amount of calories and fat, but because they involve lying on your back and repeatedly bending and extending at the spine, they’re a big culprit when it comes to placing excessive strain directly on the portion of the low back that has the most nerves and is most susceptible to injury and fatigue..

So how can you maintain six-pack abs without doing crunches? One of the keys is a hidden ab muscle that you tend to hear very little about. In today’s episode, you’re going to learn exactly what that ab muscle is.

There is a muscle called the Transverse Abdominus that acts as a stabilizer to the middle part of your body. This muscle is actually located right behind your abdominal muscles.  If you’re not familiar with this muscle, you may want to sign up for the military, because military drill sergeants are very aware of how to make the Transverse Abdominus sore.  The reason drill sergeants love exercises that involve the Transverse Abdominus is because when this muscle is strong, your back and stomach are strong.  And if you want a strong stable core that helps six-pack abs form, this muscle must be strong.

I have to admit, I was doing sit ups for most of my adult life, but when I reached 30 I realized that my ab muscles were getting harder to see. No matter what I ate (or didn’t eat) and no matter how many stomach exercises I did, my abdominal muscles kept slowly disappearing. Then, I did some research on the anatomy of the stomach muscles and found the Transverse Abdominus.  Ever since then, I am happy to say my stomach muscles are more prevalent than ever before. Not only that, my posture is better.”

So why did Michael find that this rarely mentioned ab muscle makes such a big difference? It’s primarily because the Transverse Abdominus is connected to your back, your ribs, and your pelvis.  In essence, it is the ultimate stabilizing muscle for your entire mid-section.

However, there is a catch: This can be an extremely difficult muscle to strengthen, and although there are a multitude of techniques and exercises for strengthening the abs, few of them target the Transverse Abdominus.  But here are three exercises that actually do target this hidden ab muscle in a way that will get you a six-pack:

Exercise #1: The Focused Crunch

Exercise #2: Scissor Kicks

Exercise #3: Modified Plank Pushup
When combined with proper nutrition, these three exercises will target your hidden ab muscle and get you a firm, defined six-pack.

Ben Greenfield

Amazing Six-pack building core exercises

Having a strong core means more than just a six-pack. Balance out your midsection with these key moves

Best for internal obliques: Pallof press

Named after the renowned US physio John Pallof, who helped baseball players with back injuries, this move is an ‘anti-rotation’ exercise. Stand side-on to a cable machine with your feet shoulder-width apart, chest out and shoulders back, and hold the cable with both hands in front of your chest. Press out so that you feel the weight pull you to the side, then pull back in.

Best for external obliques: bodysaw

Assume the plank position with your feet on a small towel. Keeping tension throughout your body, push yourself backwards using your forearms. Pull yourself forward again and continue in a ‘sawing’ motion.

Best for the erector spinae: kneeling cable lift

This is an advanced version of the cable chop. To do it, kneel on one knee – the knee furthest from your cable station should be raised. Hold the cable in both hands and ‘chop’ it upwards across your chest. Pause, lower and repeat.

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